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Inspire Days



Punch & Judy 

A seaside legend in its own right, Chris Summerville will be putting on the traditional puppet show Punch and Judy.

Archaeology-themed Activities

A familiar presence on both TV and radio, Erin Lloyd Jones is an archaeologist based in Wales. While she specialises in prehistoric hillforts, her passions lie in heritage and culture as a whole.  Appearing at this year's Inspire Days, at both Llandudno and Penmaenmawr, she'll be leading archaeology-themed activities with Celtic brooch and mini roundhouse making. This is one for the young ones with a passion for both history and creativity!

Medievel Map Sketching

Tim Pugh will be re-creating a map drawing of the drowned Kingdom of Tyno Helig and the submerged sunken roads and Palace of Llys Helig,located off the coast of Penmaenmawr. Tim will help participants to sketch out the map using charcoal and seaside natural materials.

Clog Dancing Workshops

If you fancy a musical break from your activities, you're in for a treat with Hannah Rowlands. Watch her perform clog-dancing or join in during her workshops – not one to be missed!

Geocaching Wales

Prior to the events in Penmaenmawr and Llandudno we will lay and register INSPIRE DAY caches! We will have GPS units and gather groups and take you through the whole sport of geocaching by means of a 4G iPad. You will be using GPS units, decrypting the encrypted clue, swapping items (so don't forget to bring your own!) and reading the legend that the cache will contain.

Sword-Fighting Activities

For the young swashbucklers out there, Keith Farrell will be leading sword-fighting activities! Farrell is an experienced teacher of historical European martial arts, who is also a senior instructor for the Academy of Historical Arts.

Arts & Crafts Workshops

Continuing with the theme of legends, artist Wendy Couling will be leading arts and craft workshops on mythical creatures. After the session, you'll have made your own paper prince (or princess!) and a paper dragon.

Cimera Circus

What Welsh event would be complete without mention of the ultimate Welsh myth – The Mabinogion? Cimera circus will be present, with two characters from the fable featuring as stilt walkers! There will also be a storytelling session about the legend of Blodeuwedd, a lady who was created by the magicians Math and Gwydion...

Kaleidoscope Faces

Have you ever wanted to try the Celtic look? Kaleidoscope Faces, who have a reputation for their mind-blowing face-paint designs, will be joining us to make you up as a wyvern, dragon, or even a Welsh warrior.

Graffiti Art Lessons

For young artists, there's something a little more rebellious available. Andy Birch will be giving lessons in the art of graffiti. Birch's graffiti murals can be seen across the local area, giving character to skate parks, walls and tunnels.