Lizzie Daly

Lizzie Daly

Part of take pART 2018

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Wildlife biologist / Wildlife Presenter on #BBCEarthUnplugged and #Cbeebies

What is it like to be a…

Saturday - 3.15pm

Join Lizzie as she delves into the world of wildlife by showing you what it’s really like to experience the world as an animal. From seeing the world through the eyes of a fly, to learning bizarre behaviours that signal a predator approaching – Lizzie will need the help of the audience to understand out how a species really lives.

Can you survive in the wild?

Sunday - 2.15pm

Lizzie will take you on a journey as she tries to survive through different habitats encountering different species along the way. She will cross jungles, tundra, deserts, and seas and needs your help to survive!

Photo Credit - Bethan Knapper