The Young Storytellers' Festival of Wales '19

The Young Storytellers' Festival of Wales '19


Writer and storyteller Gillian Brownson - Community Theatre Practitioner & Writer is once again bring Wales' Storytelling talent together to share stories with both experienced young storytellers and those who would just like to have a go!

"The workshops offered as part of The Young Storytellers' Festival of Wales will take your child on a journey of joy where their imagination is ignited and their adventures are many!"

Age: All children under 18 should be accompanied by an adult.

*** Opening Stories ***

Experience storytelling in 3 very diferent ways from three very diferent artist – from using song to illustration, to connecting with Welsh landscapes and language – these opening stories will be a treat for all.

*** Gwobr Esyllt Prize Performance ***

Winner of the Gwobr Esyllt, a prize for Emerging Women Storytellers, Sian Miriam will showcase her prize commision – an original piece developed by Sian herself.


*** Open Stories Stage – a safe place for story experiements! ***

For the first time ever, we’re ecouraging anybody, whether they have storytelling experience or not, to just have a go! You may want to start your burning ambition to become a priz winning Storyteller here, or you may be just curious about what it would be like to tell stories. Whichever it is, you’re welcome to come aong to this safe space for stories.


*** Stories and Music – A drop-in Workshop with Alisa Mair Hughes ***

How can music help us to make and experience stories? Alisa explores her use of instruments, the possibilities of collaboration and the emotive beauty of these two art forms colided.


*** Crankie Stories! – A drop-in Workshop with Peter Stevenson ***

Peter is renouned for mixing stories and visual Art with his beautiful illustartions and his curious contraption – the crankie! This is a must for anybody who loves to see stories visually and who wishes to experience story illustration themselves.


*** Legends & the Land – A drop-in Workshop with Huw Davies ***

Huw is interested in stories that come ffrom the earth under our feet here in Wales, ffrom the moutains and rivers, burial forts and villages. Huw is going to explore some of these legends in this workshop, where you may just experience a bit of history too!


*** Story Surgery ***

So you’re thinking about telling a story, or you’ve developed one already, or you’re just curious about becoming a storyteller and ‘tricks of the trade.’ Whatever your Storytelling question is, experienced and passionate Storyteller, Fiona Collins, will have an answer for you, or at least, some well informed advice. Book your place with for a chat with fiona, and feel inspired!


*** Tell for the Title – The Young Storyteller of Wales ***

The Audience Decides!

It’s free! In fact, we pay you to enter! Yes, every entrant to ‘Tell for the Title’ recieves £10, kindly donated by the Storytelling Community to encourage the next generation of Storytellers. We have thre categories for the coveted crown this year, 7-12 years, 12-16 years and 16-25 years. If you want to be in with a chance, come along with a 5 minute story and show us what you’ve got!

The audience will be voting for thre winners. They’ll be looking for the structure of your story – does it make sense? The clarity of your voice – can we hear you, are your words clear? Your expression – do you make eye contact with your audience, do you empathise with your characters? If you can do all of these things, they may just vote for you!

There are fabulous Prizes up for grabs, including signed books and free mentoring ffrom a professional Storyteller. Book your place to tell your story, or maybe just find the courage on the day if there are places left. We can’t wait to see you!